Google Page Rank

What is Google Page Rank and
Google PageRank is where people link back to your website. You should not manipulate this or you will be penalised.

Why is Google Page Rank Important?
PageRank is determines how important your website is. This is very important to your popularity on the internet. The more popular you are, the higher your google pagerank will be.
PageRank      1 popular website  –>  the most popular and relevant website 10

How Can I Increase My PageRank?
If you’d like to increase your PageRank, you need to have “backlinks,” or other people linking to your website. The best way to increase your PageRank is to have quality content that other people want to link.

Farming isn’t agricultural anymore!! What is a LinkFarm??

Have you ever gone to one of those pages on the internet and its just a bunch of random links and you just want to close the page.”Link farming” is another method people attempt to use to manipulate PageRank. Link farming is the practice of linking without thought of the relevance of the pages being linked, and it is often automated.

Don’t submit your website to a directory with a low page rank. This is the best way to avoid a link farm. But most of all Don’t link back to a link farm!! This is hard to avoid but easy to implement. Just be careful to run all the links off your pages and make sure that they don’t go to any farming pages.

How Can I See PageRank?
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